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Who We Are

What should you know about Cardinal Points Imaging of the Carolinas?

For over 20 years, the Midtown at Cedarhurst, Brier Creek, Wake Forest and Clayton locations shared the same name with Raleigh Radiology. Even while sharing that name, our locations have always been independently owned and operated by a larger parent company with focused expertise in outpatient imaging. Over the years, our locations have delivered exemplary patient care, high quality imaging, and uninterrupted ACR accreditations in all service lines.

During 2020, we have experienced many changes, including changing the name of our four locations. Our new name, Cardinal Points Imaging of the Carolinas, better reflects our dedication to elevating the outpatient imaging experience. We’ve also separated our partnership with Raleigh Radiology and chosen a new radiology partner whose mission, and expectation of quality, more closely align with ours.

A new name and new radiology partner are significant changes, but much about us has remained the same. We continue to build on the legacy of exceptional patient care that we have proven over the past 20 years of service to your community. As the only independently operated outpatient imaging centers in the area, we offer affordable imaging, greater access to appointments, and provide results in which you can be confident.


Why did your name change?

Did any of your locations move or close?

Why should I choose Cardinal Points Imaging?

Are you a local provider or part of a national company?

What does it mean to be an “independent non-affiliated outpatient imaging center”?

Does it matter who the radiologists are who read the studies?

Are the radiologists local or are they part of a national group?

I received a confusing call/letter telling me my appointment was moved to another facility?

I was a patient at your centers when you still had your old name. Do you still have copies of my exams and reports?

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