At Cardinal Points Imaging, our chief priority is the wellbeing of our patients. We provide the highest level of patient care, offer the latest and most accurate diagnostic technologies, and – equally as important – ensure that our patients’ healthcare information is secure and protected.

We understand that matters related to your health should remain private between you and your healthcare provider.

To ensure we are fulfilling this commitment, Cardinal Points Imaging recently requested and received a third-party audit, performed by a one of the “Big 3” consulting companies, to review our security compliance. We are pleased to report that their findings indicated that Cardinal Points Imaging is in good standing regarding the security and protection of our patients’ healthcare data.

Our security program is not only HIPAA compliant but includes several industry-leading technologies, which are deployed and managed in concert.

In addition, our “My Imaging Link” patient portal provides a secure website that connects patients to their scheduled appointments, online registration, and access to their medical records.

If you have questions about Cardinal Points’ commitment to securing and protecting your healthcare data and information, contact